Year Title Publication
2018 Notes on Trap n+1
2018 Black Fire: American Intellectuals and the Black Radical Tradition The Point
2018 Harlem is Everywhere Dissent
2018 The Low End Theory Harvard Magazine
2017 A Kind of Freedom New York Times Book Review
2017 In the Zone The Nation
2017 Sad and Boujee n+1
2017 The Way Forward in France The Nation
2016 Wideman’s Ghosts The Nation
2016 On Blueness: A Conversation with Joshua Bennett Dissent
2016 The Literary Right Bank Mapping Expatriate Paris
2016 Visible Men The New Republic
2016 A Literary Chameleon Harvard Magazine
2014 Back To Our Future: An Open Letter to D’Angelo End of Safety: Flash Zine Project (Unpublished, 2014)